Dijon Mustard Substitute Using Healthy Organic Ingredients

Lots of recipes call for Dijon mustard, and why not? It has incredible flavors and works as an emulsifier for sauces and salad dressings. However, you may not always have Dijon on hand, or perhaps you

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Substitute for Curry Powder to Reduce Sodium and Improve Fragrance in Your Cooking

Curry powder is a spice blend that provides staple flavors for cooking Indian food and is usually the reason for that distinct, full-bodied aroma related to the cuisine. The blend varies by brand and there

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Celery Substitutes for All Stir-Fries, Plus Our Favorite Recipe!

There are a few reasons you may use celery stalks in your stir-fry recipes, from the desirable crispy, crunchy texture to the well-known peppery flavor or the high number of vitamins and nutrients. However,

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Salmon Patties with Cornmeal: An Organic Meal for the Whole Family

If you’re always searching for new, healthy ways to feed your family, you have probably come across salmon as a nutritious ingredient a time or two. While there are plenty of ways to grill or bake salmon

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What Does Octopus Taste Like? FAQs and Easy Recipes to Introduce this Healthy Seafood to Your Diet

You’re probably familiar with the octopus as a squiggly, eight-armed sea creature, but in many countries, it is much more than that. Octopuses are used in cuisine all over the world, and if you’ve

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Beauty Mask Leave-On Treatments that You Can Make at Home

Beauty masks are great, but sometimes you may not have time to apply it, sit and wait, then wash it off before getting ready to leave the house or maybe you’re way too tired for that drawn-out routine

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Face Mask for Men: DIY Treatments That He’ll Actually Enjoy

There’s long been a stigma on face masks and skincare, which are usually marketed with a bit of a feminine touch. But it’s no secret that men love to use face masks, too! And why wouldn’t they? Taking

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Best Organic Baby Food: Our Simple Recipes with Organic Spices Keep Baby Happy and Healthy

There’s definitely some appeal to making your own baby food at home. Like with breast milk, not only is it incredibly cost-effective, but you know exactly what goes in, so it's easy to avoid simple sugars

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Grape Smoothie Recipe

Grape Smoothie Recipe with Organic Spices: Get Creative!

If you haven’t ever had a grape smoothie, you’re missing out. Like with green smoothie recipes with kale, not only are grape smoothies absolutely delicious and refreshing, but grapes contain so many

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Ground Almonds

Almond Meal Substitute for All-Purpose Flour: One Simple Switch for a Healthier Tummy

With so much modern scientific research showing how heavily processed foods are incredibly bad for consumption, it’s no surprise that people are slowly growing more health conscious turning to low-carb

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Healthy Asian Cabbage, Rice Pasta And Almond Salad

Slivered Almonds Salad Recipes for Extra Vegan Protein

If you find it a challenge to get enough protein in your vegan diet, or you just want to switch it up to avoid the same boring meals, almonds are the way to go. You can eat them whole or bake them into

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Blanch Almonds

How to Blanch Almonds: So Easy and Great for Holiday Cookies

We know that almonds are a delicious way to add protein and other key vitamins to dishes both savory and sweet. We also used almonds in different ways, such as almond milk, almond meal, unblanched almond

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Kala Chana Health Benefits

Kala Chana Health Benefits and Easy Recipes to Try

We know we’ve said it time and time again, but your diet is one of the most important factors to your overall health. So, when a yummy super food comes along that can help you maintain nutritional balance,

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Smoothie for Constipation

A Smoothie for Constipation Relief with Organic Spices that Aid Digestion

Chronic constipation can be a real party pooper that can cause hours and sometimes even days of extreme discomfort. A lack of regular bowel movements can lead to bloating, which means not fitting into

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Mung Bean Recipes

Mung Bean Recipes that You’ll Actually Enjoy

If you’ve heard of all the great nutritional benefits that organic mung beans bring to the table, then you’re probably more than ready to try them out. If you already include mung beans in your regular

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Mung Bean Sprouts

Why You Need Mung Bean Sprouts in Your Diet

We all know that one of the secrets to total wellness is in what you eat. I mean, why wouldn’t our diets be a key component in our body’s overall health? Food is essentially just fuel to help our bodies

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Honey Roasted Cashews Made with Coconut Butter – Our Favorite Cold Weather Snack

With the holiday season right around the corner, not only is it time to bust out the holiday recipes, it is also a time where we have to very closely watch our waistlines as the rich and fattening snacks

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Fenugreek for Men – Why This Super Seed Improves Male Health

If you have ever ventured into a spice aisle at your local supermarket, you will likely be intimidated by the sheer number of different types of spices and seasonings there are available. It is natural

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Best Espresso Coffee with Coconut Butter

Coffee is, for many of us, the most important meal of the day. Well, it isn't a meal, but it is important in our everyday life make it as vital as food. And like with food, there are always new trends

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Thai Coconut Soup at Home

As the weather turns colder, our tastes tend to turn towards more warming and cozy comfort foods, which is why soup becomes such a staple recipe throughout winter for many people. Soup is an excellent

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