Jiva Organics Organic Pepitas

Jiva Organics Organic Pepitas

Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are among nature’s healthiest seeds. They are great for snacking, but you should also keep some around to use in your kitchen when you’re wanting to be creative.

Jiva Organics raw pepitas are an excellent source for great-tasting pepitas that are cultivated using the best possible methods that ensure the best flavor, and the most health benefits. Don’t let the “raw” term make you apprehensive though -- this is exactly how pumpkin seeds should be.

Aspects of Note

Yes, pepitas come from inside the pumpkin, but how the pumpkin is grown makes all the difference here.

  • Organic - These pepitas are from Jiva Organics, so you know they’re going to be USDA-certified organic. This means you get the best quality of pumpkin seeds, harvested from pumpkins that are grown naturally, without chemicals, pesticides, and all of the other bad stuff. You can taste the difference.
  • Raw - These are pumpkin seeds in their purest form. No salt, no seasoning, nothing. Although you can certainly add flavor to them, they are already great by themselves. Also, since they are raw, they are technically “living,” giving you the option to sprout them if you want.


Raw pepitas are a little tricky, since they can’t rely on being roasted, salted, or seasoned to bring out flavor. Fortunately, these pepitas are grown organically, and harvested at just the right time, so they have an excellent flavor that blows away other pumpkin seeds you may have tried.

Sprouting these seeds is quite easy if you want to try your hand at it, but the raw factor already pays off with the taste and health benefits. Those who can’t have added salt, but want a good, healthy snack will really appreciate these pepitas.

The bag may be the only real drawback, but you can simply pour the pepitas into a ziplock bag, or some other kind of container. 2 lbs is a suitable amount, and you’ll find that they last quite awhile, especially if you mainly use them for cooking, or on top of salads.

You can always roast and salt them if you’d like as well, but most will find the raw version to be fine the way they are.

User Reviews

All of the reviews I’ve come across are all basically the same. Everyone loves these pepitas, and many love the ability to eat quality, organic seeds without having to eat salt.

Buying Advice

These come in 2 lb bags, so that should be plenty for one order. I’d recommend ordering raw cashews and raw almonds as well, and making a healthy nut/seed mix.

Jiva Organics Pepitas


With raw seeds and nuts, it’s all about how they are grown and harvested. Fortunately, these are organic, and as raw and natural as it gets. The taste is unbeatable, and the price is very fair too. If you haven’t tried raw pumpkin seeds before, this is the best way to get started. Highly recommended

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