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Patty Pan Squash: How To Prepare, Cook And Freeze

Patty pan squash is a distinctive form of summer squash. It is made with a smaller size than most other types of squash. It has a hollow body and a series of curved edges. It is also found in yellow and green colors and sometimes in white. This is very popular for being a low-calorie food with very few fats and not all that much sugar.

It is especially great for how it offers plenty of fiber to stimulate the digestive system and vitamin C to improve upon the body’s immune system. This can be enjoyed fresh without having to use any special procedures to cook or prepare it. But it can be even better in many other ways although it is critical that you know how to prepare it right.

Does It Have To Be Cut?

You can choose to cut your patty pan squash in any way you see fit. While the food itself can be cooked altogether without having to be cut, it is often easier for you to prepare it when you have cut it up a bit. As you cut up the squash, it will be easier for the food to be cooked right and evenly. The heat that comes around the squash will move around carefully and with ease.


Also, it might help for you to get the seeds out of the squash before you start cooking it. Although you don’t necessarily have to remove them, it is still recommended simply because it’s often a challenge to try and cook something with parts that you’re not actually going to consume.

How To Steam

The first option for preparing patty pan squash entails steaming it. You can always place the entire squash into a pot of water and bring it to a boil. It can take about 15 to 20 minutes on average to get it fully steamed. This works best if you cut up the squash. When you cut it apart, it becomes easier for the square to be steamed. Test how well cooked the squash is regularly by poking it with a fork. You should be able to tell that your squash is ready when it is soft.

How To Fry

You can also fry your patty pan squash. This is best when you cut up the squash into a series of slim discs. Mix eggs and bread crumbs together to create a covering that can go over each disc. After this, fry your coated squash discs in olive oil. You can add a small trace of oil if you just want to sauté the discs.

olive oil

How To Grill

You can grill your squash by cutting it up and placing it on a traditional grill. It is best to cook this at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You would have to cook each side evenly to make it work. You can always add oil onto the squash slices as you are grilling them. Oil helps with preparing the squash and making it easier for it to heat up without falling apart as you are cooking it.

Stuffing The Squash

One top for preparing squash is to stuff it with something. You can cut apart one part of the squash and then add something like vegetables or ground meat into its opening. The best way to do this is by steaming an entire squash for about 15 to 20 minutes and then cutting open the top part. After you do this, remove the innards and then add the filling that you want to put inside it.

You can typically bake this in an oven to cook it as evenly as possible. This can especially do well as the squash will have already been heated. You will also have to stir the stuffing around on occasion while baking so it will be evenly cooked. This is especially the case if you have meat inside of it.

How To Freeze Your Squash

The process of freezing your squash should be reviewed carefully. Like with any other food, squash is something that spoil. You can easily freeze your squash to be prepared later on if you look carefully at how you’re going to cook it. The key is to blanch your squash. This means that you will boil the squash before you freeze it.

To do this, slice your squash up into a boiling pot and allow the squash to settle in it. The heat should kill off the bacteria. You should only keep the squash boiled for about three minutes at a time. After you have boiled them, place the slices into a pot of frigid water. This ensures that you won’t be cooking the squash any further. The intense cold should limit the cooking process and make it grind to a halt.

boiling pot

After the water cools off, allow the slices to drain. Let them dry up for a minute or two. This should kill off the bacteria and ensure that the moisture content is removed so there are no further issues coming about with whatever it is you are trying to prepare. Add them into a bag and place them in a frozen storage space.

 It’s best to use a bag that has as little air in it as possible. A good bag can include a vacuum-sealed option that allows you to clear out the air as you store it, thus making it a little easier for the food to be made ready for storage. You can also submerge all parts of the bag except for the opening in a pot of water so the water pressure will force out all of the air from the bag.

 This makes it easier for the air to be cleared out so you can freeze the squash without risking any more air getting in the way. Patty pan squash is truly a choice for cooking that truly stands out. Take a look at this option the next time you are looking for something appealing and easy to prepare in a variety of forms.

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