Rice Pudding

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding Recipe

Rice pudding is a very attractive type of food to prepare for all sorts of desires. It is made from rice that is mixed with water and milk and can be paired with a variety of other ingredients. It is especially great when prepared with raisins or cinnamon.This especially does well when it is prepared in a slow cooker.

This particular recipes for preparing rice pudding in a slow cooker is very easy to follow and will give you a full texture that you will enjoy having.The ingredients in this recipe are especially very easy to gather. It is made with a very simple design that offers a good way for you to enjoy cooking a fun dessert.

How Big Is The Recipe?

This recipe should be good enough to prepare about eight servings of rice pudding. These servings are estimated to be at about 150 calories per serving although that total might vary based on the types of ingredients that you plan on using in the recipe.


Also, the recipe should take about three to four hours to complete. This is due to the extended time needed for getting it all cooked although this ensures that whatever you are preparing is made to work well and have a proper texture as desired.


You must make sure you get the proper ingredients ready for your recipe so it will stand out and be prepared to the best standard possible. The ingredients that you can add will especially do well for giving you more control over the recipe while also helping you to make it to your overall liking.


The ingredients for your slow cooker rice pudding recipe should be as follows:

· 4 cups of milk; any kind of milk works although almond milk might be best

· 2 additional tablespoons of milk; this will be added at a later part in your recipe

· ½ cup white sugar

· ½ cup white rice, preferably long grain; you can use whole-grain brown rice but the flavor might be a little too deep for rice pudding

· 1 egg

· ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

· ½ teaspoon almond extract

· 1/8 teaspoon salt

· 1 tablespoon margarine

These ingredients are recommended to ensure that what you are preparing has a good taste to it. This also assists you with ensuring that there aren’t any unusual flavors coming about in your recipe and that everything you are trying to prepared is cooked up as evenly as possible.

Key Steps

To make your slow cooker rice pudding, start by stirring the four cups of milk with the white sugar and ice. Mix them in a slow cooker. Keep on stirring until the sugar fully dissolves.Add the margarine at the next step. As the margarine starts to melt, make sure you stir it in all the way.

It is best that you use margarine in this recipe and not traditional butter as margarine contains less fat on average and can easily move into the recipe. It does not take as much time for this to melt as what it would take for many other options.Get the mixture into a slow cooker and cook on a high setting for the next two and a half hours.

As you are cooking those ingredients, beat the egg with the other two tablespoons of milk. Add the vanilla extract, almond extract and salt into the same bowl. These should be added carefully to ensure that you don’t make the recipe any lumpier than it has to be.After the rice pudding mixture is done cooking, add a small bit of the rice mixture into the egg mixture you just prepared.

This should be enough to warm the egg mixture without actually cooking it.The egg mixture should be properly prepared and ready to handle the heat. After you do this, pour the entire egg mixture into the slow cooker with the rest of the recipe.After you do this, cook the entire recipe for about 15 minutes at the same temperature.

After Cooking

After you are done cooking the recipe, move the pudding into a glass baking dish. Cover it in plastic wrap but allow a few corners on the ends to vent. Keep it all refrigerated for a bit so it can settle. It is best to keep it chilled for about an hour for the best results

glass baking dish

After everything is chilled, it should be easy for you to get the most out of the recipe. It should be made with a proper texture where the rice is easy to consume while it is creamy enough without being too thin. It especially does well when served chilled like with any other kind of pudding recipe.

Adding Other Things Into It

You always have the option to add one of many different types of additional things into your pudding recipe. You can add some raisins into the recipe, for instance. You could add about a cup of raisings into the recipe you read about earlier.

This should be enough to give you a comfortable taste while offering enough texture all the way around. Some cinnamon can also be added into the recipe. It works best when you have about a tablespoon of ground cinnamon. It should be stirred evenly to create a good texture.

Can Brown Sugar Work?

You always have the option to add brown sugar into your recipe if you prefer. Brown sugar is popular for how it offers a sweet flavor that adds a good texture to the rice pudding. It does make the recipe a little darker in tone but it can add a nice tone all the way around to create a positive flavor all the way around.

Brown Sugar

Look at how well this slow cooker rice pudding recipe can work for your cooking desires. You might be surprised at how well the recipe works thanks to how detailed it is and how it can provide you with a great flavor all the way through.

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